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Hi, my name is Fany and welcome to my To Get Old is a Matter of Choice website. Beauty and health were not my passion till I reach the age of 18, when I realized that I was obese which became a problem of concern for me the reason that it affected my appearance and relationships.

At that time back to the 70s there were not the amount of information available as today neither science was that advanced as it currently is. I was constantly trying to different diets to help me to become slim. I could eventually succeed with education and discipline. Today, people ask me what I did and praise my younger appearance compared to my age.

Now I want to give back

Over the years I’ve learned a lot not only about diets that work but also about beauty from the inside out plus a good skin care cream.

I was born over weight at least above the average of babies according to my mother. As a child growing up in the countryside with plenty of variety food I just enjoyed eating without any concern that could become a problem for me. As a teenager my weight increased to surprise no one as the body was going under change.

At the age of 17 my sister and I start cutting our food intake for the purpose to lose weight without success. Adding to that when I was 19 I become much bigger and my cousin, who was a nurse, recommended me a doctor who was a specialist in obesity.

I got the appointment and went to see him. However, for my disappointment he was an obese person himself. My question at that point was that how could he help me if could not help himself. In spite of my frustration I started the diet he suggested me. I felt very hungry and I could not carry on dieting.

Five years later, I started drinking tablets to control my hunger. And also I started exercising and localized fat treatment. I managed to lose some weight. The tablets were harmful and I had to stop them and instead trying myself on exercising and dieting.

Around this time I started working as rep for a beauty company and got interest in beauty and health articles which educated me on how to nourish my body and skin. Since then through the years I have managed not only to lose weight but also to keep it under control. Adding to that I have enjoyed good health and also a younger appearance.

The Industry of health and beauty has expanded and people are becoming more and more aware of pursuing a healthy life style and besides that people are concern about keeping rejuvenating with the aid of cosmetic. Science has advanced and efficient beauty products have been introduced in the market.

Therefore, much of the content I am going to publish here are going to be on health life style and beauty as they are themes. 

There will be much of effort wasted if there is no foundation in knowledge of what we are doing. However, with the right information and discipline it is possible to accomplished success on our goals.

I have been through this experience in my life.

So navigate this site and if you ever have anything to share in related experience I would be pleased to hear from it.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Fany Ferreira


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